13th Leadership Summit



AGHPS 13TH Leadership Summit Program

October 26th and 27th 2023

The Old Mill, Toronto



While regional differences and unique challenges addressed by Schedule I leaders will always provide insight and innovation at a local level, the shift to provincial system level planning and policy development provides an opportunity that was not feasible even a few years ago.

Last year our Summit focused on bridges that would take us from post pandemic crisis management to permanent change. A year later, the path to a mental health system in Ontario is becoming more evident.

Centralized planning through the MH COE can provide direction, data and oversight, while the innovative projects of individual hospitals and regional collaborations can increase the scope and speed of change, providing context and details for potential solutions to complex challenges. We believe the combined knowledge and experience among a community of leaders from all levels of planning is a valuable resource.

The AGHPS 13th Leadership Summit is a platform to incorporate the efforts, achievements and goals of all Schedule I leaders into the broader landscape of a system for mental healthcare in Ontario.

Increasing Capacity through Innovation

One of the greatest challenges we face as leaders is that of access and wait times. The Summit will take advantage of an extraordinary clustering of leaders to address the potential to move from our current state to improving access to quality care through system planning, collaboration and innovation. Through posters, presentations and interactive discussions we are confident that as a community of hospitals we will take home a new idea, a new plan and a new perspective in system level planning demonstrating that  the "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts"