Jane Chamberlin Award

General Information

The Jane Chamberlin Award was created to recognize outstanding achievement in Mental Health relating to General Hospitals / Schedule I’s in Ontario. Each year members of the AGHPS are invited to nominate a candidate for the award.


Jane Chamberlin was an Executive Director for the Association of General Hospital Psychiatric Services. Upon her death it was decided to honour her by bestowing an award in her name to someone who has given of themselves toward the betterment of mental health services within General Hospitals / Schedule I facilities. It is awarded in conjunction with the Jane Chamberlin Lecture at the Ontario Psychiatric Association Annual Conference.


The Jane Chamberlin Award recognizes a person that embodies the spirit of this award - outstanding achievement in mental health relating to General Hospital and/or Schedule I Hospitals. This could be manifested in a great variety of ways and we purposely do not restrict the criteria. Examples -

  • Leadership in developing ways to improve outcomes and reduce stigma
  • Efforts to impact the lives and outcomes for those presenting to hospital
  • Awareness, education, information that has made a difference
  • Outstanding clinical practice
  • Provincial leadership in an area of practice

Every nomination received is considered on the basis of whether or not the individual nominated has made a significant contribution above and beyond professional duties. This could be a single outstanding contribution or continuous contributions over a career.

To nominate a colleague for the Jane Chamberlin Award please contact the AGHPS office at for more details

Recipients of the Jane Chamberlin Award

The AGHPS is proud to acknowledge the following recipients:

1999 Dr. John Nkansah 2000 Dr. Bob Buckingham
2001 Dr. Lucien Faucher 2002 Dr. Pat Conlon
2003 Dr. Gerry McNestry 2004 Dr. Tyrone Turner
2005 The Honourable James K. Bartleman, O.Ont.
Lieutenant Governor of Ontario
2006 Dr. Douglas Weir
2007 Dr. Joel Jeffries 2008 Dr. Paul Links
2009 Dr. David Gotlib 2010 Mr. Bruce Whitney
2011 Dr. Brian Hoffman 2012 Dr. Sonu Gaind
2013 Ms. Penny Cardno 2014 Ms. Linda Peever
2015 Ms. Paula Reaume-Zimmer 2016 Dr. Gary Chaimowitz
2017  No recipient 2018 Ms. Gwendolyn Devereaux



The AGHPS recognizes that the COVID 19 pandemic resulted in an unprecedented burden on the professional and support staff in Schedule I hospitals to care for those patient populations and families that always count on us. Initial strategies to cope with restrictions went on to become long term, vital challenges to meet day-to-day professional obligations for those in need of our help.

The outstanding response reflects the cumulative knowledge, skill and commitment of all those in Schedule I hospitals. It would be inappropriate and inadequate to single out one person to receive the Jane Chamberlin Award. This was not the work of one person. It was an army of people in different hospitals throughout the province, all with the same determination, to provide the best care possible while keeping everyone safe. This year we are compelled to recognize and thank those champions.

The Jane Chamberlin Award for 2021 will be presented to individuals and teams who embody the spirit of this award - those who came through, persisted, inspired, and innovated practice.  Award winners were selected by their own hospitals.

Ms. Denise Forsyth           Lake of the Woods District Hospital                  Full Submission

Ms. Darlene Ginsberg      Humber River Regional Hospital                         Full Submission

Ms. Lynn Higgs                Alexandra Marine & General Hospital                 Full Submission

Ms. Linda Hunter             Brockville General Hospital                                 Full Submission

Dr. Mark Kaluzienski       The Ottawa Hospital                                            Full Submission

Ms. Sami-Beth Kuchar     Mount Sinai Hospital                                           Full Submission

Ms. Maureen McLelland   Health Sciences North                                         Full Submission

Ms. Christina Sebben      Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance                         Full Submission

Dr. Kamini Vasudev        London Health Sciences Centre                           Full Submission

Dr. Corina Velehorschi   Windsor Regional Hospital                                   Full Submission

Ms. Melinda Wall            Peterborough Regional Health Centre                Full Submission

Dr. Chris Willer              St. Michael’s Hospital/Unity Health                     Full Submission

Dr. Kevin Young            Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care             Full Submission

Humber River Stepped Care Implementation Team                                  Full Submission

  • Dr. Joshua Dias
  • Dr. Kinneret Fleiman
  • Ms. Darlene Ginsberg
  • Dr. Heather Wheeler
  • Ms. Laera Gattoni


North York Adult Eating Disorders Team                                                   Full Submission

  • Dr. G Kirsh
  • Dr. J Hunter
  • Ms. Rachelle Thurston
  • Ms. Danielle Besselling
  • Ms. Kailey Feldman
  • Ms. Michele Davies


UHN Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry Team                                           Full Submission

  • Ms. Linda Liu
  • Ms. Regina Sawh
  • Ms. Shannon Wright
  • Ms. Sarah Beneteau