The establishment of the AGHPS, in 1982, was prompted by three factors:

  • The recognition of the major role of general hospital services in providing psychiatric care in Ontario
  • The identification of unique management issues in general hospital psychiatric services
  • The realization that collectively general hospital psychiatric services lacked a distinct voice in provincial and local policy making

The Association of General Hospital Psychiatric Services (AGHPS) is a provincial, voluntary organization, representing General Hospital / Schedule 1 psychiatric facilities throughout Ontario. Our members are the hospitals themselves. Almost all of our member hospitals are designated Schedule 1 under the Mental Health Act (MHA). The AGHPS is unique in that it exclusively represents and advocates for psychiatric and mental health services specific to Schedule 1 General Hospitals. In all of our activities, the Association seeks to reflect the concerns and views of its members and to ensure that general hospital psychiatry is represented in policy and service planning.

The AGHPS mission is to promote the continuing development of optimal psychiatric services in Ontario by bringing together the professional leadership of general hospital psychiatric services. The Association seeks to address standards and practices within the Ontario hospital mental health system by collaborating with professional leaders to develop and coordinate innovation and best practises among member hospitals. We strive to provide a co-ordinated and effective voice on issues relevant to the delivery of psychiatric services in Ontario.


  • To clarify the role of general hospital psychiatric services and enhance relationships with other service providers.
  • To advocate for an adequate and effective resource base to meet identified service needs.
  • To enhance the knowledge and skills of members pertaining to new and emerging issues relevant to the delivery of psychiatric services.
  • To support and enhance the administrative functions of service heads through role clarification and skills development.
  • To provide mutual support for members in resolving service-specific problems and issues.