Summit 2022 Posters


                                                  AGHPS 12th Leadership Summit Posters                                                               

1) Assessing Motivational Stages of Change for Substance use in Patients with Schizophrenia; William Osler Health System

Darsh Shah; Ravnoor Kang; Mamatha Musku; Charles Ohene Darkoh; Shailesh Nadkarni

Contact: Shailesh Nadkarni

2) Antipsychotic Adherence and Discontinuation Rates in Schizophrenia Patients Receiving Long-Acting Injectable Antipsychotics; William Osler Health System

Ravnoor Kang; Darsh Shah; Mamatha Musku; Charles Ohene Darkoh; Shailesh Nadkarni

Contact: Shailesh Nadkarni

3) Mental Health Assessment Unit; A Therapeutic and EmPATHetic Extension of the Emergency Department; Windsor Regional Hospital

Windsor Regional Hospital’s Mental Health Program

Contact: Luke DiPaolo

4) Implementing a Team Based Model to Address Wait-times for Non-urgent Psychiatric Referrals; London Health Sciences Centre

Heather Oneschuk; Dr. Melissa Sheehan; Amanda Tuckerman; Dr. Kamini Vasudev

Contact: Ms. Heather Oneschuk

5) Care Pathway: Schizophrenia Quality Standards Implementation;  Southlake Regional Health Centre

Arjun Mehta; Thivya Sornalingam; Aga Dojczewska; Monika Samant; Jacquii Anderson; Jeanette Conceicao; Rehnuma Tabassum; Dr. Mahdi Memarpour; Stella Johnson; Dr Gaurav Mehta

Contact: Dr Gaurav Mehta

6) Cardiovascular Disease Risk in Schizophrenia; Southlake Regional Health Centre

Mehtaab Mahal; Aqsa Mohar; Nehal Lubana;  Dr. Mahdi Memarpour; Dr. Gaurav Mehta

Contact: Dr. Gaurav Mehta

7) Evaluation of Tertiary Care Model Obesity Management Services in Patients with Serious Mental Illness; Southlake Regional Health Centre

Ethan Bonerath; Arjun Mehta; Mahdi Memarpour; Gaurav Mehta; Shweta Mehta

Contact: Dr Gaurav Mehta

8) Acute Inpatient Psychiatry Team Learning Challenge (AIP TLCSimulation Focused Education in Mental Health; Health Sciences North (Sudbury, Ontario)

Nikki Palangio; Ryan Prieur; Traci Franklin

Contact: Nikki Palangio

9) Expanding how we see Health Care; Harm Reduction Practices in Hospital; Health Science’s North/ Horizon Santé Nord

Kelsi Graham; Laura Johnson; Jamie Grimshaw


10) Addressing Patient and Staff Safety: Implementation of a Behavioural Escalation Response Team; St. Michael’s Unity Health

Stephanie Lucchese; Glen D’Souza; Jenna Richards; Ifat Witz; Janet Wilson; Dr. Richard Stall; Dr. Kien Dang


11) Building Perinatal Mental Healthcare Capacity in the Ottawa Region; The Ottawa Hospital (TOH), Ottawa Birth and Wellness Centre (OBWC), Champlain Maternal Newborn Regional Program (CMNRP)

Jasmine Gandhi; Elyse Banham; Christina Cantin; Mark Kaluzienski; Crystal Morris; Darlene Rose; Jess Fiedorowicz

Contact: Jasmine Gandhi

12) Concurrent Disorders Stabilization Unit: Review of Modifiable and Non-Modifiable Potential Factors Impacting Length of Stay; Brockville General Hospital

Erin Ward; Melinda Billet; Andrew Everett; Sheri Gendron; Hannah McCuen; Kevin Varley; Peter Kennedy

Contact: Peter Kennedy